John Alan Turner

Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach, Facilitator

Core Value: Spiritual Formation

I should have started with this, but I figured people who read this blog would make the assumption that it is true. That kind of defeats the purpose of explicitly stating things, though, doesn't it? Spiritual formation is God's primary goal for my life. As hard as it is, I must keep reminding myself that all of my studies count for nothing if I'm not becoming progressively more and more like the One I claim to follow. My work may bring lots of people to a greater understanding of the character and nature of God, it may advance God's kingdom in powerful ways, but if it ever hinders my ability to become more like Jesus, I will quit.

As odd as it may sound, I know lots of people who are in fulltime Christian ministry who need to quit in order to get their own focus back. I know people who make good money and end up farther away from God as a result of their financial blessings (or are they curses at that point?). I know godly people who find their families hindering their spiritual formation because of enmeshment and other unhealthy relational patterns. I've seen Christ followers spend too much time with ungodly friends, and it takes a toll.

So, in all my decision making I must frequently ask myself -- when presented with options -- which will be the more spiritually formative.