John Alan Turner

Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach, Facilitator

New Developments

Faith 2.0 continues to expand its offerings to Churches and Christians. We're now taking reservations for three different seminars: And When You Pray (a seminar examining what Jesus says about prayer); Decide For Yourself (a seminar examining the reliability of the Bible); Hearts & Minds (a seminar based on my upcoming book of the same title). My fall schedule usually fills up pretty quickly, so if you're interested in hosting any of these seminars at your church, let me know asap. You can go here for more details: Seminars.

Faith 2.0 is also entering into a limited number of long-term consulting partnerships. These will involve onsite visits every six weeks or so to help your leadership, staff and volunteers build a common vocabulary and think more strategically about why you do ministry the way you do it. Because of the intensity of this kind of consulting, we're limiting ourselves to six or seven per year. We've already had several churches inquire about details, so if you're interested in this write us quickly and let us know. You can get more info here: Consulting.

And thank you to the folks who have already stepped up to financially support our ministry. If you're interested in helping support Faith 2.0, you can go here: Support.