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Update Your iPod

I've been teaching through the Bible for the past two years at the North Atlanta Church of Christ. Each Wednesday night we spend about 45 minutes looking at a different story or paragraph from the Bible. It's been amazing to see others grow nearly as much as I have grown preparing the material. Several months ago, people began requesting CDs of the classes, so I went out and bought a little recording device. Then more people started asking for them, and I got a nicer piece of equipment. Then we started recording them on video as well. Then I got someone to give me the money for this website, and now you can actually listen to them in streaming audio or download them in .mp3 format.

There's a minimal fee so we can maintain the technology, and all our transactions are protected by Bank of America. If you're interested, go here for more details.

There's an entire series on the Book of Daniel, and we're starting to post the material for the New Testament now.