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Sports Question: Silly Mascots

I went to Pepperdine University, home of The Waves. If you look now, you'll see that the mascot is Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. He is muscular and intimidating with his pointy trident and flowing beard. When I attended, the mascot was a guy named Willie the Wave. He looked like someone had covered Gumby in blue shag carpet. It's hard to be menacing when your mascot is Willie the Wave.

"Oh no! Here come the waves! And they're led by that rogue Willie!" 

But Pepperdine is far from the only place with a less-than-terrifying mascot. My friend Elizabeth Sandstrom attended the University of Delaware -- home of the Fighting Blue Hens.

The University of Louisville are the Cardinals, but Stanford University is The Cardinal -- as in the color. Come to think of it, how scary is a Crimson Tide?

Bulldogs. Tigers. Eagles. Wolverines. Spartans. Those are strong mascots.

Ducks? Buckeyes? Cornhuskers? Those are kind of weak.

I'm not saying the schools are weak; I'm just saying it's got to be hard to sound scary yelling, "Tear them apart, Hoosiers!"

What gets your vote for silliest mascot?