John Alan Turner

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Loving God Only?

I started an email conversation that seems like it might turn into a wider exchange of ideas, so I thought I'd just import it to the blog. It has to do with some ideas that started banging around in my head Sunday night while I was in Cleveland. Lots of the songs we sing -- several I heard Sunday night in fact -- say things like, "All I want is You, Lord" or "You're all I want -- You're all I've ever needed."

But when I say to God, "All I want is you", he's likely to respond, "You can't have just me. You have to have all these other people, too. Love me, love my kids. We're a package deal."

I'm concerned that God's message about how you can't separate your love for him from your love of others (see 1 John 4:19-21) gets undermined by some of these songs that seem to play to our instincts that want to privatize our faith by saying, "It's just me and God. I don't need 'organized religion'."