John Alan Turner

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This Just In: Amarillo Still Flat

Greetings from Amarillo. It's so flat here that on a clear day you can see the back of your own head! But seriously folks....

I've had a great time this weekend. What a fantastic group of folks. I know they don't have sushi or trees or a decent airport, but the people here are some of the finest people anywhere.

I'm headed to Pampa to watch the Super Bowl in a few minutes, and I hope you're watching the game (and the commercials) with good friends. The Super Bowl should be about food that's bad for you and people who are good for you.

I have a prayer request: My wife and I are going to California next week. We'll be speaking to some married couples about how they can safeguard their marriages. Great marriages don't just happen, you know. Like anything worthwhile, they require thought, intentionality and some work.

As we've been preparing for this, we've seen a couple of marriages around us really struggle -- one in particular seems to have come apart at the seams. I've also noticed little ways that our own marriage has come under attack. I'm not one of those guys who believes there's a demon behind every bush, but I believe our enemy would like nothing better than to get in between me and Jill as we prepare to talk with those husbands and wives.

Would you please pray for us this week? Pray for our marriage? Pray for the folks in California? Pray for our girls as we travel to the other side of the continent?

I'd sure appreciate it.

One thing before I close: I think the panhandle of Texas has the best sunsets in America -- well -- second to Malibu, CA.