John Alan Turner

Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach, Facilitator

Refusing to Leave the World Alone

I recently finished Dr. James Emery White's book, Serious Times: Making Your Life Matter In An Urgent Day. In light of yesterday's quote from Walker Percy, try this on for size:

Ignited by a sense of the serious nature of our times and the inescapable call to do something in and for Christ in response, I must look comprehensively at my life. I must begin with certain investments, basic preparations that enlarge my capacities. From this I can be developed and matured, strengthened and made ready. Then there must come a conscious, intentional positioning that situates my life for action. There are key outposts where I must station myself. From such places I can act, respond and be used by the living God.

This quote resonates deeply with me. Like Dr. White, I've come to recognize that these are serious times indeed. We live with such easy access to information, coming at us from nearly every direction at lightning speed. And yet so little of that information gets translated into anything remotely resembling wisdom. Our general malaise drives us to self-medicate with mindless television programming, obnoxious music, unneccessary electronic devices of various shapes and sizes, fast food, light beer, shallow relationships, rootless living, joyless existence.

We have moments of happiness and call it joy. We have moments of calm and call it peace. We have moments of desire and call it love. We have wants that we call needs and needs that go dangerously unmet.

Precious few among us take the time to think critically about our lives, our past, our future. Fewer still no how to live right now and, instead, choose to just hang on until Jesus comes to get us out of this mess.

Lives of quiet desperation, Thoreau said.

I fear that this has inadvertently turned into a rant, but I feel it palpably. We are living in serious times, and times such as these require thoughtful and intentional lives. I've been gripped anew by a fresh sense of calling to help people examine the times and discern appropriate lifestyles to partner with God in advancing the ever-widening borders of his kingdom in our generation.

My question to you is simple: Are you willing to do the same?

Two follow-up questions:

1. What are the "certain investments" and "basic preparations" you're currently engaging in that will enlarge your capacities?

2. Where are you situated strategically so your actions will have maximum impact?