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Narrowing the Focus (With Books)

Okay, maybe my question was too broad. I got lots of good responses, some more realistic than others. As much as I love Dallas Willard, I'm not sure I'd throw a beginning small group into that deep end! Many of you write as people who have been Christians for a very long time. What about folks who've been a Christian for 15 minutes or folks who aren't even sure if they're a Christian or not? Richard Foster's great, but it might actually push some of those people farther away.

So, let's try to narrow our focus somewhat and broaden our scope at the same time.

Here's what I think spiritual formation looks like (and this is not original with me):

Spiritual formation should manifest itself in increasing levels of (1) intimacy with God; (2) community with other believers; (3) influence with those outside the Christian faith.

I'm working on a list of 10 books under each of the three headings. I'll give that list to the churches with whom I consult as suggested small group materials.

How 'bout we take these one at a time?

If you were to suggest three books (beginner, moderate, advanced) on intimacy with God, what would those books be?