John Alan Turner

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Stuck in the Introduction

I can't seem to get out of the introduction for Frost & Hirsch's book. Here's the quote that's grabbed me now:

Right up front we want to confess our belief that the planting of new, culturally diverse, missional communities is the best way forward for the church that views itself in a missional context. The challenging context in which we live in the West requires that we adopt a fully missional stance. While some established churches can be revitalized, success seems to be rare from our experience and perspective. We believe that the strategic focus must now shift from revitalization to mission, i.e. from a focus on the "insiders" to the "outsiders"; and in so doing we believe the church will rediscover its true nature and fulfill its purpose.... [I]t does seem to us that the real hope lies with those courageous leaders who will foster the development of alternative, experimental, new communities of faith.

First of all, do you agree or disagree with this concept?

Second of all, why would churches need to be reminded of the need to focus on "outsiders"?

Third, why are such courageous leaders so few and far between?