John Alan Turner

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Thinking Our Way Through the Bible: The Call of Abram

After "The Fall" sin spreads deeper into the human heart and begins to spread wider and wider into society. Eventually, we get to the point where things cannot be any worse. Every thought was only evil all the time. As bad as we may think our world is, we haven't gotten to that point -- not even close.

So, God chooses to start again. He picks one guy: Abram (later his name would be changed to Abraham). And he makes these outlandish promises to Abram. From this one guy would come a nation through whom all the people on earth would be blessed.

I know there are lots of things in the Bible that are hard to believe. God called a senior citizen to build a big boat and bring every animal on the planet on board to survive a global flood. That's hard to believe.

But here's something I wonder if you've ever thought about: God called this random guy who lived in the middle of nowhere and made him a totally outrageous promise. Through this one random guy in the middle of nowhere all nations of the earth would be blessed.

And here we sit, thousands of years later, and everyone reading this blog -- regardless of where you live -- has heard of this one guy named Abraham.

That doesn't really prove that the entire Bible is completely trustworthy.

But it's gotta prove something, right?

Okay, enough of my commentary. Why do you think this story is in the Bible? How is it supposed to shape our beliefs system? Our behavior? Our values? What are we supposed to think, feel and do as a result of this story?