John Alan Turner

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Great Expectations

I'm scheduled to speak at a retreat for single adults over Memorial Day Weekend. It'll be in Panama City Beach, FL, and if you're interested in more details you can go watch a commercial for it here: North Atlanta Singles Retreat

Basically, I'm going to be talking about how our expectations sometimes set us up for some serious bouts of disappointment: Disappointment with God; Disappointment with Others; Disappointment with Ourselves.

I'm still wrestling with what to say, but I know a few things:

  • I struggle with disappointment a lot
  • I am not the only one
  • When I am disappointed with God, it's probably because I have mis-appointed God in some way
  • Resetting my expectations is the healthiest way to cooperate with God in becoming the person he wants me to be
  • There are worse ways to spend your Memorial Day Weekend than at the beach with a bunch of singles who are looking for ways to partner with God in changing the world