John Alan Turner

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Faith 2.0

Things are changing here around Faith 2.0. Rick Hazelip has been my "partner in crime" since we started this. In fact, the whole thing was -- in many ways -- his idea. He's been the organizational part of the organization, and he's been one of the best friends I ever could have asked for. But God has opened a door for my good friend, and Rick has taken a job as the Lead Minister for the First City Church in Pensacola, FL.

I think this will be a great thing for Rick and for the folks of that church. He's been working with them for several months as a consultant, and there are already plenty of good signs of growth. I have confidence that God is going to do some wonderful things through Rick in that city.

I've also had a church near my home ask me to join their staff. I'll provide you with more details as things continue to move forward, but for now I thought you might be interested in knowing how this will impact the mission of Faith 2.0.

We will be undergoing some restructuring over the next few months. For one thing, I'll be doing less travel and fewer consulting agreements. We'll be offering more coaching for pastors and ministry professionals but fewer onsite visits.

We'll be changing the website some. For one thing, we decided to make all the messages/sermons available as free streaming audio. You can listen here.

Soon we'll begin offering small group study guides for churches. The first will be based on the materials in the parenting book that I co-authored last fall.

We're considering taking a group of people to Israel and Greece -- maybe next spring.

I'm working on the next book, The 52 Most Important Stories in the Bible. It'll be a daily devotional published by Regal Publishing, and it's scheduled for a September of '08 release. Faith 2.0 will also be working on small group study guides for that material, and I'll be working with a few churches on how to get their whole church reading through the book simultaneously. We're even going to look into how a church could preach through the stories in a year.

There are other things going on. I'm still doing parenting seminars. This weekend I'll be doing one in Cleveland, OH. The weekend after that I'll be doing one in Lafayette, LA.

I'm putting together a seminar for churches that will deal with why reading the Bible is important and how we can read the Bible more for transformation than for information.

Things sometimes move quickly and sometimes slowly. Sometimes Faith 2.0 is well-funded and sometimes (like now) we barely squeak by. In fact, if you'd like to contribute financially and support any of the things we're doing, you can do so online.

As always, I appreciate your support. I've been incredibly blessed by the adventure of the last year or so. It's been amazing to see how financially generous people are. I've felt the support of your prayers. God is good, and sometimes his people are too!