John Alan Turner

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The Civilized Bachelor

That's me. I'm a bachelor these days. I put Jill and the girls on a plane for California Tuesday afternoon, and I've spent the remainder of my week eating pizza and red meat, watching sports at full volume (Wimbledon is on right now) and sleeping in. The other night I watched Casino Royale -- the latest James Bond movie -- and I didn't even start it until after midnight! Oh, I also went to see the new Fantastic Four movie yesterday. I'm planning on going to see several movies where lots of things get blown up. My friend Ken Boa said to me yesterday (in the tone of voice that only Ken can produce and maintain), "I see you descend into degeneracy when your family is gone!"

It's true. I live like a caveman when my family's not around. I don't shave. I don't have many conversations. I don't tend to seek out the company of other people. I have to force myself to go out of the house.

I'm grateful for the friends I have -- new friends like the Locke family who invited me to their cookout on the 4th -- old friends like the Blackwells who had me over to watch fireworks or Steven who went with me to the movie yesterday afternoon or Dane who came over and ate 'brats with me right after the girls left. I'm thankful that God has blessed me with really great friendships.

But no one takes the edge off me like my wife and kids.

My challenge this weekend is to maintain whatever civility I gained from them, to live less like the Neanderthal I tend towards and more like the refined and domesticated variety I am when they're around.

Pray for me. Pray for the house. Pray for the dog. Pray for Jill and the girls and whatever they might find when they next see me.