John Alan Turner

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Thing One

Yesterday I told you that Will Briggs tagged me, asking me to list five things I dig about Jesus. I also told you that Tony Myles tagged me, asking me to list eight random facts about myself and -- adding insult to injury -- telling me that I should tag eight others. Some played along (albeit in a grumbly sort of way); some haven't even responded.

Perhaps I lost cool points by joining the ranks of the meme-ites.

Still, I'm thinking and thinking about Will's question: What are five things I dig about Jesus?

Of course, I could list hundreds of things, but he only asked for five. He did not say they had to be the five main things I dig about Jesus or the five most important things or the five most personally relevant things. He just asked for five things.

Should be simple enough, right? I mean I'm a writer, and I write and talk about Jesus all the time.

And here I am with writer's block....

Okay, maybe I'll do these one at a time. Five things I dig about Jesus -- Thing One: Jesus had a sense of humor.

Jesus told jokes and funny stories and gave his friends nicknames. He got invited to parties (and I'm not talking about potlucks in the fellowship hall). Sailors and hookers liked to hang out with him. Sailors and hookers don't tend to hang out with people who are prudish and serious all the time. There must have been something about him that put them at ease, made them feel comfortable. I bet it was his sense of humor.

Let's make this a little interactive: In your opinion, what's the funniest thing Jesus ever did or said?