John Alan Turner

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Hard to Believe

It was four years ago today.

I remember where I was standing when Jill first told me about her. It was a Sunday morning, and we were at North Point Community Church. I was watching a baby crawl across the floor, and Jill asked, "Are you ready to have another one of those?"

My first response was to laugh. Eliza wasn't even out of diapers yet. We'd just come through a great scare with her, and I was questioning our ability to handle two little girls. The idea of having a third was...well...laughable.

Fortunately, I did not laugh. In fact, Jill says it's one of the only times she's ever seen me speechless. It took a full 10 count before it occurred to me what exactly she was trying to communicate to me. I'm not normally that slow on the uptake.

But this was so far beyond anything I was thinking about.

We were poor. I'd quit a job to pursue something. It was slow to develop. I had the rug yanked out from under me. I was confused and frustrated, hurt and angry. If it hadn't been for Ken Boa we never would have survived.

We chose the name Amelia. It means "industrious". Amelia Hope. We work with a sense of great expectation. She's been work, that's for sure. But we have a strong belief that God has big plans for this little one.

She showed up a little early -- while Jill's regular doctor was away on vacation. We had to use a different hospital from the one we'd toured. We had to use a different doctor from the one we'd come to know and trust. I was supposed to spend the weekend writing a script for KidStuf. I had to call my friend Bill Winegardner and hand it off to him. He wrote a classic, by the way. We called some friends, and we called my parents.

I think Steven and Angelique Allen took the two big girls. It all happened quickly. It's kind of a blur. Chuck and Laura Thon showed up right after she got there. Hal and Jenny Runkel came the next day. So did Dane and Christy Booth.

She didn't make a big deal out of her arrival. Unlike her sisters, there was little struggle. She's always been her own person and does things in her own way.

She's full of surprises. She makes me laugh, and I find myself doing anything I can think of to return the favor.

It's hard to believe she's four. And I cannot wait to see how this turns out.