John Alan Turner

Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach, Facilitator

Saying "Yes" to God

God always takes the initiative. He is the Prime Mover, the Uncaused Cause. He banged the big bang, he lit the fuse that eventually exploded everything into existence. He set the dominoes up and knocked the first one down. We are given the honor or responding to him -- without coercion, without manipulation, without any strings attached.

God initiates; then he waits for us to respond.

YHWH comes to a childless old man, calling him to leave his homeland. Then he waits to see if Abram will say, "Yes."

YHWH comes to a fugitive in the desert, calling him to go back to his homeland. Then he waits to see if Moses will say, "Yes."

YHWH comes to a young boy tending sheep for his family, calling him to become the next king of Israel. Then he waits to see if David will say, "Yes."

Think of it -- the astonishing humility of a God who waits for a response rather than forcing one, who places his plan into the hands of inconsistent and inadequate people, promising his assistance if they will seek it.

YHWH comes to a young woman in a backwater village, calling her to bear a child who will be the Savior of the world. Will Mary say, "Yes"?

YHWH comes to a frightened and embarrassed carpenter, calling him to raise a son who will never truly be his. Will Joseph say, "Yes"?

They could have said, "No". Abram could have stayed where he was. Moses could have ignored that burning bush. David could have stayed out there with the sheep. Mary could have run away from the angel. Joseph could have divorced her quietly. God did not force his plan upon them.

But think of what they would have missed out on.

God has a plan, and he will see to it that it comes all the way to fruition. He does not need your help, but he invites you into the story as a way of honoring you. You don't have to do it. He can find someone else.

But think of what you will miss.

If you listen closely, you may just hear the voice of YHWH calling you -- unlikely, little ole you -- to something extraordinary, placing a portion of his plan into your inconsistent and inadequate hands, promising his assistance if you'll seek it.

Will you say, "Yes"?