John Alan Turner

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Reading Christianly (Part One)

Having all this time on my hands (and thanks to those of you who offered suggestions for how I might make the best use of that time -- I appreciate your thoughts and am taking them under consideration), I've been mainly occupied with two things: (1) Watching movies; (2) Reading books. These are two of my favorite things.

But this activity brought something to mind that I've been meaning to discuss here for some time. I'd like to talk about what it means to read something (or watch something or listen to something) Christianly. What I mean is that -- in my opinion -- Christians ought to have a different perspective from the rest of the world when we are reading or watching or listening.

I'll be expanding on this more in the coming days, but for now I'm interested in setting some foundational principles in place. To start, let's discuss this question:

What is the goal of life for a Christian?