John Alan Turner

Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach, Facilitator

Reading Christianly (Part Three)

So, as we read our Bibles, we must keep our goal in mind. The goal is never to simply get through your daily alloted portion and check the box; the goal has to be bigger and deeper than that. The goal of life for Christians is to bring glory to God by becoming progressively more and more like him -- to become godlier people. The most substantial and practical byproduct of that godliness is that we'll find ourselves growing in our ability to love and be loved by God and others. That's the goal of life; that should be the goal for our Bible reading as well.

So, if godliness or Christlikeness is our goal, then we'll read the Bible in a particular way. We'll read it with our eyes open, scouting for clues as to what he is like. We'll conclude our reading by asking ourselves, "What does this portion teach me about the character and nature of God."

Then, as we attempt to apply the passage to our lives, we'll ask, "How does this portion help me grow in my ability to love and be loved by God and others?"

Today's questions are these: How does this approach to a daily Bible reading differ from approaches you've tried before? What do you think might happen if more people read the Bible this way?