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There are potentially big changes afoot for the Turner household and Faith 2.0. I covet your prayers and -- because I believe the collective wisdom of the people who read this blog exceeds my individual wisdom -- value your input. Jason Garcia is the Lead Pastor at The Bridge -- a community church I have recently served as Teaching Pastor. Jason has accomplished the tremendously difficult task of getting a relatively new church into a fantastic new building practically debt-free. Doing so took so much of his time and energy that he relied heavily on me and Phil Tuttle to do the majority of the work when it came to preaching. However, now that this season of The Bridge's life has drawn to a close, Jason feels that, in order to lead most effectively, he must preach more often.

In order for Jason to preach more often, I must preach less often.

So, I will be leaving the staff of The Bridge at the end of this month. I will, however, return periodically as a guest speaker (can't get rid of me that easily!). In fact, I'm scheduled to preach again on April 6, and we're working on other dates for the remainder of the Spring.

Now, this development has created something of a dilemma for me. One of the reasons I took the job at The Bridge was because I wanted to travel less. The salary from The Bridge replaced a big chunk of the money I normally made speaking and consulting in other places. With that salary gone now I'm faced with the prospect of making a living elsewhere. And that leads me to what I consider to be our three best options:

  1. I could hit the road again and travel 30-35 weekends per year.
  2. I could find a church and join their staff in some capacity.
  3. I could join a team of people and plant a new church somewhere.

Because of the craziness that has been our life for the past couple of weeks, neither Jill nor I feel comfortable making a quick decision. So, we've given ourselves 40 days to think, pray and consult people whom we consider wise. We're weighing our options, and, as I said earlier, covet your prayers and advice.