John Alan Turner

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Eight Theories About the Resurrection

At first glance, a story about a wandering preacher who was executed by the government but came back to life before ascending into heaven seems a little hard to swallow. But the fact is: The Resurrection of Jesus won't go away. We could perhaps understand if a few of his closest associates had missed him so much they imagined seeing him again. Or perhaps they had some other more nefarious reason for spreading their story about a resurrection. But we'd expect such a story to die down rather quickly.

And yet...the Resurrection of Jesus is widely believed today...and by some rather intelligent people.

Clearly, there is more afoot here than is apparent to the eye! Clearly, there must be reasons why a person would believe in such an exceptional story -- good, solid, historical reasons.

There are several theories that have surfaced over the nearly 2,000 years since the actual events transpired -- theories meant to explain the Resurrection away. Here are the most common:

  1. The Disciples stole the body.
  2. The Jewish leaders stole the body.
  3. The Roman leaders stole the body.
  4. The women on Easter Sunday went to the wrong tomb.
  5. This was all a mass hallucination.
  6. Jesus wasn't really dead; he was unconscious and later revived.
  7. The Disciples intentionally lied about the whole thing -- just made it up.

Are there any popular theories you know of that aren't included here?

Oh, and if we can pick these apart historically or psychologically or just logically, then we'll deal with this startlingly alternative theory:

8. It just might be all true.