John Alan Turner

Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach, Facilitator

Why Bother?

Now that we have both feet firmly planted in the 21st Century, we face a staggering and complex array of issues and challenges. Things that just a few decades ago were science fiction have become part of our reality, and words and phrases like embryonic stem cell research have crept into the common vocabulary. The rapid advance of technology has given some cause to believe that humans may just be capable of creating a Utopian society after all. We're far more interconnected globally, life expectancy is far above what it was 100 years ago, infant mortality rates are down, the amount of drinkable water is up and the threat of nuclear holocaust is all but gone.

Sadly, for all our technological advances, there are still as many social ills as ever. We are more disconnected as families, global poverty stubbornly persists and the threat of nuclear war has given way to the threat of terrorist activities that have spread from places like Iran and Afghanistan to threaten places like London and New York. The gap between rich and poor remains, and humans seem to be confused about the very nature of human identity. The very technology that gives so many reason for hope, has been seemingly unable to stem the time of the production of one of the great threats of our time: pollution.

Abortion. War. Poverty. Violence. Crime. Disease.

This is the stuff of headline news, and it comes as no more of a surprise to us than it did to our forefathers. These things have always been with us, and -- it would appear to some -- perhaps they always will. The world is a yucky place, and it causes one to wonder:

Why get involved with such a world?

Seriously, why bother?

So many people -- Christians and non-Christians alike -- are sounding an alarm-like warning that we must get involved and work for active change. Some politicians appear to be running on the one-word platform of:


But why? Why get involved? Why vote? Why become active? Why not simply sit back and wait for Jesus to come back and make everything right again?