John Alan Turner

Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach, Facilitator

I Know God Is..., But What Are We?

We spent a good part of last week talking about God. We said that God is not just interested in "spiritual" things; he's interested in everything. We also said that God is also not just interested in "his" people; he's interested in everyone. Finally, we said that God is not just a God of mercy and compassion; he's a God of justice, too. But, while I think a deeper and richer understanding of God's character and nature is vitally important, I think we also need a better understanding of humans, too. After all, the way we offer service to people will be based in large part on our understanding of basic human nature and basic human need.

So, let's talk about this for a while.

Why should Christians help people? Why not let them fend for themselves? Why do churches have benevolence ministries and prison ministries? Why do Christians support and volunteer to work in soup kitchens and orphanages? Why should we care about the plight of the homeless or unwed mothers? Why go halfway around the world to dig wells in African villages? Why speak out against the violence of places like Rwanda or Darfur?

Why not let humans fend for themselves?

Oh, and what kind of aid and assistance should we provide? Should we be working so hard at providing physical aid? Or should we focus first on evangelizing these people?

What makes humans worth helping? And what kind of help would be best?