John Alan Turner

Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach, Facilitator

Putting It Together...So Far

Let's recap, shall we? We started this train of thought by saying that God is not just interested in “spiritual” things; he’s interested in everything. We also said that God is also not just interested in “his” people; he’s interested in everyone. Finally, we said that God is not just a God of mercy and compassion; he’s a God of justice, too.

Then we said that people are worthy of honor, respect and dignity. Christians feel compelled to help others -- not simply out of obedience and not simply because we want to imitate Jesus. Humans, created in the image of God, are actually worthy of our attention and assistance. Granted, they are fallen, and that image of God has been marred almost beyond recognition. But it's still there, and that makes people incredibly valuable regardless of their contribution to society through mental or physical capabilities.

Oh, we also noted that humans are more than just bodies -- so they need more than just physical assistance. They are more than souls -- so they need more than just spiritual help. They are more than just social/communal beings -- so they need more than just relational help. They are all of these things and then some -- so they need assistance of all kinds.

Lately, we've looked specifically at Jesus and the way he reached out to hurting people in need of help. He left behind privilege and comfort, safety and security to put himself in harm's way on behalf of others. He sacrificed and endured discomfort for the greater good of enabling and ennobling humanity.

This is all well and good so far. It's good to take some time periodically and think through this kind of stuff. And it all sounds great. But to this point it's all just theory.

What would it look like to put this all together and actually do something about it?