John Alan Turner

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Single Issue Voting

Here we are on the Friday before the Presidential Election. It looks like Sen. Obama is in the lead, but the gap is being closed somewhat by Sen. McCain. Things could get bumpy over the next few days. Now, first of all I realize that many of you have already voted. I'm a traditionalist, so I'll probably wait until Tuesday myself. But I think it's important for everyone to participate. Certainly, everyone has at least a passing interest in how this whole thing turns out -- if for no other reason than the fact that we've been forced to witness the most grueling 20-month process I can remember.

Still, I want to think through something with you, and I trust that everyone here will remain civil in our conversation. I have a simple question, but it may take a little bit to set up.

Let's imagine that one of the candidates running for President of the USA is a bona fide economic genius. He has devised a plan that would once and forever solve our economic problems, reversing the damage done in the recent past and forever setting us on a path to national prosperity never before dreamed of. Let's also say that he has good, solid plans to settle other issues like the environment, immigration and health care. He is the ideal candidate with one exception.

He supports the Ku Klux Klan.

Tell me this: Is that one issue enough to disqualify him from the Presidency? Why or Why not?