John Alan Turner

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Thanksgiving Thoughts

I was having a lovely quiet morning the other day -- thinking about life and how things are going -- thinking about the holidays and what I've got to be thankful for -- thinking about next year and what I'm hoping for -- thinking about old friends and new friends. And this list jumped out of my pen into my journal. I think I may have stolen it from Stephen Mansfield who probably stole it from some Puritan theologian from the 17th Century who probably stole it from some Catholic monk from the 11th Century.

Regardless, it's quickly become a very precious list of priorities for me. Within a few hours of jotting the list down, I found myself bringing these things up in conversation after conversation. Perhaps you'll find them helpful as well:

1. Rid your mind of worry. 2. Rid your heart of hate. 3. Simplify. 4. Expect less. 5. Give more.

That's what I'm working on these days. Anything you'd like to add?