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Bad Pastor Seeks Good Home

I just posted this ad over at Wineskins Magazine's new section for ministers in search of a job. I'm trying really hard not to sound desperate, but I'm feeling a lot of pressure to find a way to provide for my family. I never thought I'd be back on the market so soon, but God has his plans -- and they're incredibly hard to figure out sometimes!

Bad Pastor Seeks Good Home

Smart, clever, seminary-trained theologian has a near-photographic memory and an uncanny ability to assimilate information. Can leap theological questions in a single bound. Has published three books and written even more articles. Is an engaging speaker and can translate the Bible into a language almost anyone can understand.

His wife writes all his promotional material for him.

And his wife knows that not only is her husband incredibly gifted, he’s also incredibly human. He struggles. He slips. He stumbles. He falls sometimes, and sometimes he can’t seem to get up by himself.

And so this pastor is seeking a good home, a safe place to serve. He needs a church full of grace, willing to listen to the truth spoken in love, wanting to become more and more like the man who gave his life for them.

He needs a church where people understand that pastors are people too, that smart and clever people are also vulnerable people who need just as much grace as everyone else.

If you think you may be that church, this incredibly human pastor would love to speak with you.