John Alan Turner

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"I Doubt It"

I'm starting a new sermon series this Sunday at River Park Community Church. It's called "I Doubt It" (a title I stole outright from my friend Carey Nieuwhoff). In this series I plan to address the doubts that plague so many of us. We doubt God can be both good and all-powerful. We doubt Christianity and Science can ever be allies. We doubt whether or not we can ever know anything for certain. Part of being a finite human with a limited IQ is that we'll always have doubts, and we'll always find ourselves having to live by faith.

The real issue isn't whether or not you have faith. The real issue is where you place your faith. And why.

We're going to try to look at this as honestly as I can. But I'm wondering about your doubts today. What are some things you doubt? And what are some doubts you'd like to hear addressed in this series?