John Alan Turner

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Conviction vs. Commitment

In this sermon series I'm doing at River Park Community Church (which you can find here), I talked yesterday about a story from Mark 9. But before I got into the story, I set it up with some basic observations about the nature of faith. The first observation I made is that there is a fundamental difference between conviction and commitment.

Conviction is something I think and feel to be true. It's largely a matter of intellect and emotion. Convictions are settled in my heart and in my mind (and I realize I'm probably drawing a false distinction between those two -- what we refer to as your "heart" is really part of your "mind" -- and all of that is assuming you believe you actually have a "mind" and are more than simply a series of neurons firing randomly).

Commitment is an act of the will. Commitment is a matter of choice.

So, which is faith? Is faith a matter of conviction? Or is faith a matter of commitment? Or is faith some sort of secret blend of the two?