John Alan Turner

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Cool Churches, Coffee Bars and Communion

I have a confession to make: Last Sunday morning, my family slept in. That's right. On Mother's Day. We attended the infamous "Bedpost Baptist" (which on any given Sunday doubtlessly has the largest attending body in the world). It's not the first time; it won't be the last time. We're not proud of it, but we're not ashamed of it, either.

The previous five Sundays we'd attended five different churches in four different states. All three of them were in varying degrees of "coolness".

Some churches actually bill themselves as a cool church. That's part of the marketing plan, part of the sales pitch. This is straight off the website of one such church: "We decided our adult environment should rock. We would play music that we emotionally connect with—music like what we hear on the billboard top forty rather than our grandmother’s church. The venue would be compelling like a cutting edge concert. People pay to go to concerts. We will do it for free every...week."

There was one striking difference between the five churches, though, and this difference has me thinking. Two churches made sure we knew where the coffee was; three churches did Communion.

I'm not saying the two are mutually exclusive, but I do think they make for remarkable icons.

The Coffee Bar and The Communion Table.

How would you describe the differences between these two icons?