John Alan Turner

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Missional Church

We took a stab at trying to define "attractional" church. Personally, I wonder why we feel the need to add -al to the end of everything these days, but there it is. Attractional. Missional. Incarnational. Anyway....

The term "missional" is being used a lot nowadays, but very few people know what it means. It's become kind of a junk drawer for everything people would like to see fixed in local churches. Some people talk about adding culturally relevant music to their Sunday morning gatherings and say it's important because they're trying to be "missional". Others talk about serving the poor as a way of being "missional". I have a friend who is not planting a church; he is planting a "missional community".

It seems to me, though, that a group of people who are committed to joining God on his mission to redeem and restore the world might do things like...I don't know...gather together regularly to worship corporately and learn from one another and encourage one another and pray for one another and other things that might look an awful lot like...I don't know...a church.

Has missional become the new inconceivable ("You keep using that word -- I do not think it means what you think it means")?

What is a missional church?