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Missional Conversation (Part 1)

Here's an interesting video of a conversation between Ed Stetzer and Dave Fitch -- two guys who both love Jesus and both love the church. It's a little long-ish, but I think it's very worthwhile. They talk about some of the stuff we've been talking about around here lately. A Missional Conversation (Part 1)

Here are some of my thoughts (in no particular order):

I love Ed's perspective that missional isn't about our own preferences but about getting on board God's mission.

I love Dave's perspective on incarnational evangelism as opposed to what we've traditionally known as evangelism. I'm writing a lot about that in the next book.

I also love how Ed nails down the fact that movements like attractional and missional often end up spending too much time and energy recruiting other Christians to their model.

I also really like how they both challenge the assumption first stated by Frost & Hirsch but echoed in lots of places (including on this blog) that ecclesiology simply flows out of missiology which flows out of Christology. There's a lot in that idea I like, but I have some reservations -- maybe some of the same reservations Ed and Dave have.

Your thoughts?