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A Church That Works

To my knowledge, I've never actually met Darin. If I have, I apologize for not remembering. Darin's a pastor, and we've had some interesting discussions here about things related to church and Jesus and how the church can look more like Jesus. He's got his own blog where he talks about this kind of stuff, too. Anyway, in my last post I asked the following question: "Do you know of any places where they’re actually doing something different and it’s working?"

Darin wants to know, "How do you define working?"

Now, I've written about this a lot. You could probably click on the "Church" category over there in the sidebar and read a lot about my ideas of how churches can, do and should define "success". But I'd rather have some dialogue around here. It's been pretty good lately.

So, let's hear your ideas. What does it look like when a church "works"? How does your church define "success"?

Also, I did ask more than one question the other day. I also asked, "What’s the difference between a reactive church and a proactive church?" In my opinion, that's a really, really important question that few churches have resolved well.