John Alan Turner

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Just Savior, Not Lord

In a comment to yesterday's post, Tammy made this confession:

Until I was desperate for HIM, He was just Savior, not Lord.

"Just Savior, not Lord." That's a sad but accurate and common description of Jesus for many of us. It's also a terrible distortion of Jesus' message as recorded for us in the Bible.

Nowhere in the Bible will you hear Jesus giving instructions on how to get into heaven or avoid hell. You won't hear much from him in the way of instructions for salvation -- at least not salvation as it's come to be understood today.

What you will hear him talk a lot about is our need to enter and live in the kingdom of God. He understood that it's in our best interests to follow his lead, rather than be led by our own misguided passions or (worse) some other fallen person's agenda.

In other words, Jesus' command was "Follow Me!" Salvation was understood to be a byproduct of that -- a means to that end but not the end in itself.

This is, in my opinion, where we got off track: Presenting salvation as the goal allowed us to bypass any notion of actually doing what Jesus would have us do.

So, if you could put yourself inside the skin of a Christian who trusts Jesus as their Savior but not their Leader, what would your life be like?