John Alan Turner

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Believing But Not Trusting

I spent some time over the weekend trying to think about what my life would be like if I just trusted Jesus as my Savior but not enough to let him be my Leader. Here's a short list: I would probably be cynical about church, and I probably wouldn't believe that the Christian life actually works.

I would do everything I could to cover up the fact that I was spiritually empty, dry and unsatisfied.

I would be passive and apathetic.

I would have good intentions, but I would lack follow-through.

I would focus on my needs, my rights, my options.

I would arrange my life around my personal preferences.

I would rather be a spectator -- observing meticulously (and frequently complaining) but never actually participating.

I would compartmentalize my life to make sure stuff in the church box stayed in the church box and didn't bleed over into the work, home and leisure boxes.

I would become an expert at going through the motions, doing what is expected out of habit.

I would be barren, and it would bother me every once in a while -- just a little.

I would be extremely frustrated, but I wouldn't realize it's because I'm serving two masters.

I would be proud of how self-sufficient and independent I am.

I would refuse to commit so I could keep my options open -- just in case.

I would have no real clear direction or sense of purpose, drifting through life.

I would secretly hope that there could be more to it than what I've experienced.

Sound familiar? Sounds like a lot of people I know. This list didn't take me long to put together at all -- and the reason is because I've been there -- learning but not doing, believing but not trusting.

Did I miss anything?