John Alan Turner

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Why Am I Here?

Most of us spend most of our time just trying to survive and advance through life. That mortgage doesn't pay itself, and my job demands a lot of time and energy. Plus, I have a family that requires attention. Someone has to drop off clothes at the dry cleaners and make sure the check book is balanced. The dog needs a walk, and at least one of my daughters has a recital of some sort every other week (or so it seems). There's just too much to do for me to spend a lot of time gazing at my own navel asking mysterious questions of the universe.

And yet....

Every once in a while, you pick your head up and start to wonder, "Is there a point to any of this? Am I going anywhere, or am I just stuck on some sort of cosmic treadmill?"

In those quiet moments you do ask those big questions. You may not expect an audible voice to reply, but you ask nonetheless.

Is there something more?

Why are we here?

More specifically, why am I here?

Spend much time asking those questions, and you may find yourself feeling all alone, isolated, peculiar. You may begin to wonder if anyone understands you at all. You may actually long for a life that looks different, but the idea of being different may make you feel lonely.

Welcome to existentialism.

These are problems that have been addressed by philosophers who, as the word suggests, have been concerned with the problems of human existence -- not the existence of objects or planets or animals, but the existence of humans -- specifically the existence of individual humans.

See, it's one thing to ask why there is anything and why there are people in general. It's quite another thing to ask about why, of all the people who could have existed, I exist.

And, lest you think this is just one of those questions that can only be answered by people who do yoga and eat lots of fiber and live in caves somewhere, the truth of the matter is this: you have beliefs about this. You may not be able to articulate them, but they're in there.

And those beliefs inform the decisions you make, leading to the life you live.

So, if you want to change your life, you can't just go back to the decisions you've made, undecide and redecide. You have to go all the way back to what you believe. Examine whether or not your belief matches up with the truth (which is best defined as "Reality from God's perspective). Then make sure the decisions you make reflect that belief.

Who wants to go first? Why am I here? Why are you here? Anybody?