John Alan Turner

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Does Our Society Hate Women?

While I was an undergraduate at Pepperdine University, my sister moved to San Francisco, that godless bastion of free love and uninhibited lifestyle that has become perhaps my favorite city in the world. Of course, moving there meant living there, and living in San Francisco has always been expensive. So, Sandra found a roommate. Her name was Wanda. Wanda was a feminist, still is to this day. Let there be no doubt about it. Wanda was a larger-than-life, loud-mouthed, pot-smoking, hedonist who fought for her cause proudly and who took great pleasure in putting men in their place. Don’t get me wrong. I was always fond of her, and I like to think the feeling was mutual. She simply didn’t suffer fools gladly.

I remember once that a bunch of us went out to a Spanish restaurant with her. We ordered up so many tapas I was afraid the waiters would come out with weight-lifting belts on, and we drank sangria and laughed until we cried. Wanda loves life, and, those lucky enough to spend time with her learn quickly that that love is contagious. But beyond all the fun (or perhaps during it), Wanda taught me a lot about feminism.

I knew if I was going to talk to people about the ways in which Christians often talk down to people with whom they disagree, I would have to include Wanda. She would have some interesting ideas to add. I knew she’d talk with me honestly and wouldn’t pull any punches.

So I made some attempts to contact her, and I waited. And while I was waiting, I did a little research. And the more I thought about it, the more I found myself coming to the conclusion that we, as a society, don’t really like women. In fact, I began to wonder if our society might actually hate women.

American society seems to say (and stop me if I’m wrong) that if they’re not smooth-skinned, large-breasted, tiny-waisted and round-derriered sex machines, then there must be something wrong with them. We want women to sit there, look pretty and speak when spoken to. We especially do not like smart women. They are allowed to have a strong opinion, in a sassy sort of way, but they are not allowed to have thought through their arguments very well. Not if they want to make it to People Magazine’s list of the most beautiful women in the world.

Oprah Winfrey somehow managed to be granted an exemption, but I’m pretty sure she’s the exception that proves the rule.

Give us vapid, compliant, eye-candy girls, and we’ll come back begging for more. Until they experience a lapse in judgment of some sort, of course. Then we’ll set upon them like jackals (insert Britney Spears or Lindsey Lohan or whoever the female celebrity train wreck du jour happens to be). Let a woman tell us how she voted and why, and, once we’re done verbally abusing her, she shall forever be stricken from the record.

Am I missing something? Or does our society hate women?