John Alan Turner

Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach, Facilitator

To Tell the Truth

Jesus was meek and humble and gentle and patient. But he wasn’t a pushover. One time, Jesus yelled at people who were perverting the truth of his message. Jesus was critical of how little faith his followers had – even after they had witnessed miracles. Jesus did not flinch when he told people that if they did not change their hearts and minds, they would end up separated from God forever. When people came and asked him questions, Jesus told them the truth. He knew that the stakes were high; eternities hang in the balance over matters of truth. We dare not be trivial in our pursuit of it.

Our attempts to introduce people to Jesus will be ineffective if we do not first build that bridge. But we will still be ineffective if we fail to respond to honest questions with honest answers.

So, how could we get better at this? I'm not just thinking personally here, I'm thinking corporately. How could we as The Church (capital T -- capital C) be better at telling the truth?