John Alan Turner

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Only a Man Myself

Everything I've written on here for the past several months has been based on the premise that, while God calls us to be able to give a rational explanation for why we believe what we believe, we should never give the impression that we’ve got everything all figured out. We should hold our beliefs with conviction but also with humility. Humility is a strange thing. It’s strongest when it refuses to be strong. When it allows itself to become weak, it is able to accomplish more than our most persuasive arguments.

I hope what I told Jim was the same thing Peter said to Cornelius, “I’m just a regular guy like you.”

Once, God decided to go beyond sending us verbal messages through the prophets. God decided, in some mysterious way to “show up” himself “in person” through Jesus. God’s presence in Jesus Christ was disturbingly human. Jesus slept, ate, got tired, got sweaty, cried and suffered like all of us. One of the big reasons people had a hard time believing Jesus was who he claimed to be was because he seemed too normal.

God communicated his message to us, not in spite of Jesus’ humanity, but through it.

Some Christians come across like they’re selling something. Still other Christians give off the impression that they’ve got everything all together, like they’re superior to their non-Christians neighbors.

Peter says, “I’m just a guy like yourself.”

Don’t think you have anything in common with the worldly people outside your door? Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a lawn to mow, a mortgage to pay, a job that requires long hours and kids who don’t always do what I want them to do. In these respects (and many others), I am a lot more like my neighbors than I am like the sinless Son of God.

So, with Peter, we should remember that we’re just regular, normal folks who have been given a bigger break than we could ever deserve. We’re, in the words of Bill Hybels, just one group of beggars telling another group of beggars where the bread is.

Odds are, none of your convictions about who is out are as deeply held as Peter’s were. He just figured it was probably not wise to maintain a more rigid standard than God himself holds. It’s one thing to act holier than thou; it’s another thing to act holier than Him!

Again…just good, mental health there.