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Mission Trip to Mexico

Dear Friends and Family,

Last year, our family went on a Mission trip to Mexico that changed the way we see the world. Some of you helped us with that, and we are so grateful to you. We built two homes for people who had nearly nothing. We met people who lived day to day in some of the poorest conditions we have ever seen, washing their dishes in the front yard and trying to raise their children and make a life in an abandoned motor home. We hope that, by giving them a permanent home, we made their lives a little easier. And they blessed our lives in return, giving us a much-needed different perspective.

The highlight of our trip was throwing a birthday party for a severely handicapped boy who would live in one of the homes we built. Oscar became fast friends with Eliza, because he was nearly her age; but because he was so small and had trouble walking, she carried him everywhere. He turned eight the day before we left Mexico. We didn’t know it at the time, but that would be Oscar’s last birthday. He died just last week. We pray he is running and jumping and riding his big wheel in heaven in his new body now. And we are thankful we got to meet him here.

This year, we’re going back to build another home. Our family needs to raise a total of about $2000 for the trip. We had just finished helping someone else with fundraising for another project when we realized we were behind schedule with this one. With your help, we can still reach our goal on time! Thank you for contributing to the cost of our mission trip. We are grateful to you.

Checks can be made payable to Shannon Oaks Church with “Turner Girls’ Mission Trip” in the memo line. Contributions made payable to Shannon Oaks Church are tax deductible. Funds received above total individual expenses will be applied to the fundraising total for the team, and funds in excess of the team/trip total will be applied to Global Missions at Shannon Oaks Church.

Shannon Oaks Church 1113 E. Shannon Road Sulphur Springs, TX 75482

Or you could give online through our secure website at:


John, Jill, Anabel, Eliza and Amelia Turner