John Alan Turner

Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach, Facilitator

A Practical Example of the Need for Social Action

Perhaps a practical example will help us better understand the difference between social service and social action. There is an intersection near my house in Georgia that seemed to have an unusual amount of traffic accidents. We could have taken one of two approaches:

  • We could have canvassed the area, going door-to-door or calling house-to-house, warning people about the intersection and begging them to be careful.
  • Or we could have chosen to go to the city government and ask that a traffic signal be installed.

Which of those possible solutions would wisdom inspire?

It’s always good to feed the hungry; it’s better — if possible — to eliminate the causes of hunger. In this way, love, wisdom, compassion and strategic thinking combine to make us that much more effective.

Is this a helpful way of thinking about social action and political involvement?