John Alan Turner

Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach, Facilitator

Neither Cynical Nor Naive

Because this world has fallen and become broken, there is bound to be a gap between the ideal and the actual. But nothing is beyond redemption, is it? Here’s a question for us to consider: What if everyone in Washington, D.C. was suddenly overwhelmed by the grace of God? What if all the elected officials at every level (national and local) became as serious as you are about pursuing the will of God for their lives and the lives of the people around them? Would both parties move closer together on issues? Would the two-party system be abandoned for something better? Would they all stop working in the government?

What would happen to our nation if some sort of serious spiritual awakening occurred on Capital Hill?

That’s worth contemplating, isn’t it? Heck, that’s worth praying about and working toward.

Look, I understand. Life is complicated, and in the face of such intricacies it’s understandable that some Christians will veer towards one extreme or the other. Some Christians look at the world and grow cynical. Citing disagreements among Christians, corruption among politicians, complacency among the general population and confusion on a wide assortment of issues, some say things are hopeless. In my opinion, these people show a lack of trust in God and his ability to speak to us and lead us into truth.

On the other hand, some bury their heads in the sand and pretend that life is really black and white. They believe there are quick solutions, and, thus, they are in my opinion naive and simplistic. They may even deny the problems altogether, quoting their favorite Bible verse (often ripped completely out of context) and dismissing any who disagree with them.

What is desperately needed in our world is a group of people who will work diligently at developing a Christian mind, one that will analyze the issues, reading the Bible, listening to others, employing discernment mixed with humility and taking hope-filled action.

The world has enough Chicken Little pundits, loudly proclaiming that the sky is falling and the end is near. The world also has enough Pollyanna simpletons with their heads in the clouds pretending that everything is fine when it’s clear to anyone with sawdust for brains that something’s gone terribly wrong in our world.

Neither cynical nor naive — that would be a good characterization of Christians who behave themselves well in the political arena. Jesus used to say we should be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Once again, I think he may have been onto something.