John Alan Turner

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What Is It About Jesus?

A few years ago, a guy named Will Briggs wrote in to my blog and asked me to list a few specific things I dig about Jesus. Of course, I could list hundreds of things, but he only asked for a few. He did not say they had to be the main things I dig about Jesus or the most important things or the most theologically profound things. He just asked for a few specific things.

Should be simple enough, right? I mean...I’m a writer, and I write and talk about Jesus all the time. I went to graduate school to study about Jesus. I practically have a master's degree in Jesus, for crying out loud! This should be a snap....

It was, without a doubt, the hardest assignment ever.

I couldn't figure out where to begin. Everything sounded so trite, so overused. Sitting there, staring at my computer screen, ideas and thoughts swirling around my mind until they all just evaporated. This is the stuff writer’s block is made of.

Eventually, I settled on a list. I'll share that list with you next week, but I wanted to open up the comment section here over the weekend to hear from you. What is is about Jesus? What do you dig about him so much?