John Alan Turner

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Thing One: A Sense of Humor

When Will Briggs asked me what I dig about Jesus, I was baffled about where to begin. The question is almost too big and broad. You can't answer a question like that with "Everything" -- at least not if you're a writer. So, I settled on a list, and I'll share it this week with you. Thing One: Jesus had a sense of humor.

Jesus told jokes and funny stories and gave his friends nicknames. That last one is something that gets overlooked a lot, but it's a certain kind of person who gives his friends nicknames like "Sons of Thunder" and "Rocky" -- that says something about the way Jesus developed relationships and the general sense of good humor he carried with him into those relationships.

He got invited to parties (and I’m not talking about church potlucks in the fellowship hall). Not only did he get invited to parties -- he actually went. And, it appears, he had a good time. People who were nothing like Jesus wanted to have him over to their house for a backyard barbecue. You don't do that for people who can't laugh.

Sailors and hookers liked to hang out with him. Sailors and hookers don’t tend to hang out with people who can’t take a joke or tell a joke. They tend to avoid people who are prudish and serious all the time. There must have been something about Jesus that put them at ease, made them feel comfortable.

I bet it was his sense of humor.