John Alan Turner

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Thing Four: Big Thinking

I apologize for not getting this done last week. I spent a chunk of my time at the Catalyst Conference, but I will finish it this week. The fourth thing I really "dig" about Jesus is this: Jesus thought big.

When Jesus gave his friends their final instructions, he didn’t say, “Just tell a few people about this – your best friend or a co-worker.” He didn’t just talk about winning one poor soul or putting in a good word for him. Nope. He said, “Tell the whole world. In fact, go out there in the wide world and be witnesses about this. Start in your own backyard, but don't allow it to stay there. Make sure this message gets out there to everyone."

Jesus didn’t just say, “I’ll improve your quality of life. I’ll make things a little better for you.” No way. He said, “I’ve come to bring you abundant life, life running out your ears.”

Jesus thought on a global scale. He wanted the entire population in on this deal he was making. He called it “eternal life”. He promised not just quantity of life, but a whole new quality of life too. He promised with a description of heaven that surpasses anything we can describe in words. He assured us that he will never abandon us and that our lives will be filled with purpose and meaning.

Jesus wasn’t content with mediocre dreams and lukewarm promises. Jesus thought big and dreamed big and promised big, and I really dig that about him.