John Alan Turner

Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach, Facilitator

What Is Our Calling?

Many of the religious people of Jesus' day -- the Zealots and some of the Pharisees -- believed their calling was to engage in revolutionary activity against the Roman government. This was what they had in mind when they spoke of "victory" and the mission of God. Jesus challenged them by reminding them that the true calling of God's people was to bring blessing to the whole world. Way back when God first called Abram, he told him the plan was to bless all nations through Abram's descendants. This did not mean invading and expanding an earthly kingdom through acts of physical violence. Rather, it meant being the salt of the earth and offering the light of the world.

People had gotten off track. They thought they were to conquer and colonize the world. God wanted them to bring healing and salvation instead.

Sadly, the same can be said of the contemporary Christian understanding of calling. Our slogans often betray us -- particularly when we use "holy-war" rhetoric (note: there is no such concept as a "holy war" in the Bible -- even in the Old Testament, that language is never used) or the language of crusades, suggesting that our primary calling is to crush those who oppose us.

Let us never forget that our primary calling remains: be the salt of the earth and hold up the light of the world. Offer hope and healing and salvation to all who so desperately need it.