John Alan Turner

Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach, Facilitator

John Alan Turner has a wealth of wisdom and is definitely an incredible coach for any leadership situation! Highly recommended!
— Tracey Smith, Executive Search Coordinator for Vanderbloemen Search Group
I love the way this guy thinks. He has the intellect of a professor and the heart of a therapist.
— Eric Metaxas, NYTimes bestselling author of BONHOEFFER, SEVEN MEN, and IF YOU CAN KEEP IT
Every leader who wants to reach his full potential needs a great coach — someone who can see the leadership potential inside and who knows how to draw it out. John Alan Turner is that kind of coach.
— Jerry Dingmore, Lead Pastor of Piedmont Church

Most leaders I know are in one of four places:

  1. They're in a little bit over their head (or maybe a lot).

  2. They're stuck in a rut.

  3. They're navigating some sort of crisis.

  4. They're about to launch something new.

Interestingly enough, people in any one of these areas all have one thing in common: they need outside help. You cannot get out of the box using the same kind of thinking that got you into the box in the first place, and that's where a coach (like me) comes in. Fresh eyes. An outside perspective. Someone who is outside of your system can help you see things that you cannot currently see because you are in the system.

What I find disturbing is that so many leaders say they want to be better, but so few are willing to work at it. Instead, they go looking for some kind of magical solution -- a box or a kit or some kind of silver bullet that will make all their problems disappear in 40 Days. What they don't want to do is what is the one thing that is practically guaranteed to work: ask for help.

Perhaps they feel like it would be a sign of weakness. Or maybe they feel like it's an admission that they're not Superman after all. Whatever the reason, these are the leaders who are consistently stymied by life. Sadly, these are also the leaders whose pride is likely to bring their organizational progress to a grinding halt. Worst of all, this could be avoided -- if only these leaders would humble themselves enough to ask for help.

The coaching I offer generally breaks down into three different spheres:

  1. Public Speaking

  2. Leadership Development (vision casting, healthy systems, etc.)

  3. Self-Care

Currently, I’m offering a new 90-Day Turnaround Coaching Program for people who are tired of feeling stuck and ready to live the life they’ve always wanted. This program offers 12 weekly one-on-one coaching sessions and is designed to help you identify what you really want and develop the mindset, habits, and strategies necessary to live the life you’ve always wanted. Cost: $4997

I also offer a Public Speaking Program. This program offers 12 weekly one-on-one sessions where we identify strengths and weaknesses in your current public speaking, discuss the philosophy of communication and how it ties into vision casting and inspiration, design a communication calendar, and identify a strategy for receiving helpful feedback from key members of your organization. Cost: $3600.

Finally, I’m offering a Year-Long Leadership Program. This will give you access to me for a full year. We’ll meet twice per month and cover vision casting, how to establish corporate values, hiring and firing practices, organizational development from a healthy systems perspective, scaling issues, self-care, and much more. At the end of this year, you will be a more confident leader, a better communicator, and you’ll be more likely to survive and sustain yourself over the long haul. Cost: $9997

If you're ready to be a better communicator -- if you're ready to take your leadership to the next level -- if you're ready to take self-care seriously -- contact me today. I'm here to help, if you're brave enough to ask.