John Alan Turner

Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach, Facilitator

In the 20 years I’ve known John Alan Turner, I have had many professional relationships come and go. John, on the other hand, is one that I’ve held onto closely and treasured deeply. He is consistent, profoundly wise, and he sees things from an angle that I would never have gotten on my own.
— Dr. Bruce Hopler, Vice President, Converge Worldwide

“John helped us all to get to the heart of leadership and set the stage for many ‘aha’ moments among the group. The day we spent with John helped up all to implement habits that have allowed us to drive a healthier and more effective environment within our teams.”

— Team Lead, Fortune 500 Company

When there’s a problem in my church that I can’t figure out, John Alan Turner is the guy I call.
— Sean Palmer, Teaching Pastor at Ecclesia Houston

John Alan Turner has been a consultant for churches, businesses, and non-profit organizations for more than 15 years now. He's worked with some of the largest and fastest-growing churches in America and learned from some of the sharpest and most innovative thinkers out there -- including Andy Stanley, Reggie Joiner, Lanny Donoho, Sue Miller, Carey Nieuwhof, The Drive Conference, North Point Community Church, The Orange Conference, Catalyst, Tim Elmore, Ken Boa, Phil Tuttle, The ScreamFree Institute, The U.S. Army, Pfizer, Ron Blue & Co., Missio Alliance, Hope Network, and many others.

In addition to his writing, speaking, and coaching schedules, John is now offering consulting services to a limited number of partners. Working with churches, Fortune 500 Companies, and non-profit organizations, John offers a range of services from a one-day event, to weekend retreats, to a year-long partnership.

The Year-Long Partnership has John traveling to your organization approximately once every six weeks. During those visits, John will help your group create patterns that lead to both health and growth. The focus will shift from addressing the 5 Problems Every Organization Has and the creation of healthy systems (hiring and firing practices, identifying/establishing corporate cultural values, internal leadership development, etc.) to scaling and growth principles gleaned from an understanding of dynamic systems. John will facilitate important conversations, train department heads, coach staff, and mentor key leaders. At the end of the year, John will provide a written report of the progress made, along with recommendations for how to move forward. This is a true one-of-a-kind opportunity for every level of your organization to learn from one of the most innovative thought leaders in America. Price: $120,000*

The 90-Day Organizational Turnaround has John traveling to your organization three times in 90 days -- once at the beginning, once midway, and once at the end. Similar to the scope covered in The Year-Long Partnership, John will help you create patterns that will lead to both health and growth, but the scope of the work will be truncated and designed to catapult a plateaued or declining organization into a season of growth and activity. Price: $36,000*

The Multiplication Weekend has John traveling to your church for an extended weekend. During his visit, John will meet with key leaders, staff members, and focus groups to assess the obstacles hindering growth and health. He will then offer a plan of work to the leadership in place while casting a vision to the congregation of how they can participate in God's mission of reaching their community more effectively. Price: $4,500*

The Value-Add Day has John traveling to your organization for a full day of training. During his visit, John will train a room full of your best and brightest people. He’ll cover how to determine the cultural values you want to embody as an organization and how to begin living those values out internally. Price: $4,000*

In addition to these offerings, John occasionally does ministry-specific consulting, helping churches improve family ministry, small groups, governance models, staffing issues, and overall vision-casting and strategic planning as well as corporate-specific consulting, helping organizations improve corporate culture, internal and external communications, morale, and much more.


*Prices may vary based on the size of your organization. Prices do not include travel expenses. For more information, contact John today.